Friday, November 1, 2013

Welcome to Ultra High Def TV Revolution!

Another consumer revolution is underway - and it's happening in living rooms and business meeting rooms all over the world.  Ultra-realistic, ultra-high definition displays are making "photo-realistic" TV image quality  reality.  All the way from the $27,000 LG 84" 4K Commercial Display, down to the "little" $600 Seiki 39" 4K, these new displays are revolutionizing the TV viewing experience.

Especially now that prices are starting to come down, with Chinese manufacturers leading the way.  The new Seiki 50" 4K TV is $1177.67, for example - and the new TCL 50" 4K is just $999.99(!)

If you have had 720p and 1080p monitors for a few years, and have not  been to the TV section of the store for a while - or if you ignored the 4K monitors in the store when they were close to $10,000, you may want to stop and take a look.

From display advertising, to teleconferencing in the business world - from sports television to home video in the consumer world - ultra high definition TV is coming - and just in time for Christmas!

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